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Clay Tutorial - Generate AI Personalized Videos with Sendspark
Clay Tutorial - Generate AI Personalized Videos with Sendspark
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Looking to stand out in email?

In this article we'll show how you can automatically generate AI-personalized videos and send them in email using Clay + Sendspark + Instantly.

These are the steps:

Let's dive in!

How to Make AI Personalized Videos from Clay

1. Create a list of qualified leads in Clay

The first thing you want to do is create your list of leads in Clay.

You can do this based on any criteria you would like. In this demo, I just made a simple list of contacts in our ideal customer persona.

You can check out this tutorial for how to make a good lead list in Clay:

2. Generate AI-personalized videos in Sendspark

To generate AI videos in Sendspark, first, you want to have created a Dynamic Video campaign:

  • From Sendspark, go to Dynamic Videos

  • Click "Create New Campaign"

  • Follow the steps to customize your campaign

Sample Dynamic Video Campaign

Important notes for AI personalization:

  • Record your video with the starter phrase, "Hi Watermelon" πŸ‰

  • Make sure to toggle voice cloning "on"

    Toggle Sendspark Voice Cloning On
  • Use a better quality mic for better quality AI!

Now, we want to automatically enroll contacts into the campaign using a Clay HTTP API request:

Use HTTP API Request to Create Video
  • From Clay, click "Add Enrichment"

  • Select "HTTP API"

  • Fill out fields with data fields with the data below:

    • Method:

      • POST

    • Endpoint:

    • Body:

      • {
        "company": "Sendspark",
        "jobTitle": "CEO",
      • Make sure to replace the prospect fields with your Clay column titles, like so:

        Send Clay Fields into Sendspark
    • Headers

Altogether, it should looks something like this:

Sendspark HTTP API Request in Clay

Click "Save and run first 10 rows"

You'll know it works if...

  1. You see "200" in the column in Clay

    1. Successful API Request

  2. You see that videos are starting to generate in your Sendspark campaign

Dynamically Generated Videos

If all looks good, you can run for all of the rows that haven't run, or that have errors:

Run AI Personalized Video HTTP API Request in Clay

Alright, now the final step! Let's send these videos in Instantly.

3. Share videos in email sequences in Instantly

Before you can start enrolling contacts in your Instantly sequence, you need to add your Sendspark share snippet to the email:

  • From Sendspark, click "share campaign"

  • Click on "Instantly" to copy the code snippet to your clipboard

    Share AI Video in Instantly
  • Go to your email in Instantly

  • Switch into "Code View"

    Edit HTML Email in Instantly
  • Paste into your email where you want the video to be:

    Paste AI Video in Instantly
  • Switch back out of Code View

  • You should see the Sendspark placeholder in your email now.

    See AI Video Placeholder in Instantly
  • And, if you want to preview your video as a contact who's been added to your Sendspark campaign, you can click "Preview" and then use their email in the "email" variable:

Preview AI Video Email in Instantly

Important Note on Sending Video Emails

Use the video email in the SECOND step in your sequence. This helps for 2 reasons:

  1. Gives your video time to generate in Sendspark.

    1. Videos should just take ~1 minute to generate, but if you're uploading a list of contacts, it will take a long time for the last video to generate

  2. Helps deliverability to just have plain text (no images & links) in the first email.

Now, the final step is to add a column in Clay to add your contact to the Instantly email sequence.

  • From Clay, click "Add Enrichment"

  • Search for Instantly, and select the "Add Lead to Campaign" option

    Add AI Video to Instantly from Clay
  • Select your Campaign ID

  • Add the contact email, and any other data you want to send to Instantly

    AI Video Data to Send to Clay

You can save and run the workflow. And that's it! πŸ₯³

You've successfully...

  1. Found qualified leads

  2. Generated AI-personalized videos for them

  3. And enrolled them in an email sequence


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