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Send AI-personalized videos in Expandi LinkedIn automation

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You can use Sendspark and Expandi together to send AI-personalized videos in your LinkedIn automation.

How to Send AI-Personalized Videos in Expandi

1. Create Dynamic Video Campaign in Sendspark

Head to the dynamic video section of Sendspark to get started.

In your dynamic video campaign, you will be able to select one video, and use AI to automatically personalize each video for each viewer.

Here is more information on creating a Dynamic Video Campaign in Sendspark.

2. Import Contacts into Sendspark

You can either manually type contact data into Sendspark, import a CSV, or set up automation (via Zapier, HubSpot, or API) integration.

One note is that if you import the "LinkedIn Profile URL" into Sendspark when you generate videos, it will be easier to import your contact list into Expandi later.

We don't have a designated field for this, so I often use the "Job Title" field, and just don't use the Job Title variable in the dynamic video campaign.

Import Contacts Into Sendspark

3. Generate Dynamic Videos

Just click "Generate Videos" to make AI personalized videos for every contact on your list.

Generate Dynamic Videos

4. Download CSV

You can click "Download .CSV" to export your contact list out of Sendspark to import it back into Expandi.

Export CSV

This will be similar to the first list you imported in... with one big addition: Video Link

The Video Link is the unique, AI personalized video for that contact. You'll use this in your campaigns in Expandi to send out the videos.

5. Import CVS into Expandi

In Expandi, go to your campaign, and then to the "Add Contacts" section, and select "Import CSV"

You'll need to remember to:

  1. Remember to map the "LinkedIn profile" field back to Expandi

  2. Import "Video Link" as a "Dynamic Placeholder"

How to map Sendspark fields into Expandi

Click "Send to Processing..." and you can start working on the rest of your campaign.

6. Use AI Video Link in Expandi

Now, when you write the content for LinkedIn connection request or messaging, you can use the Dynamic Placeholder for Video Link.

Just select "Dynamic Placeholder"

Use Dynamic Placeholder in Expandi

And from there, you can write content for the situations in which (1) you do have data for "video link," or (2) you do not have data for that contact.

Use AI personalized video in LinkedIn automation

7. Save and activate your campaign

That's it! Now you'll be all set to send AI-personalized videos in LinkedIn outreach.

When your prospects receive videos, they will see something link this in their messenger (with an animated GIF):

How AI videos look in LinkedIn

Happy connecting!

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