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Dynamic Videos — Make Videos with AI Introductions
Dynamic Videos — Make Videos with AI Introductions

Turn one video into thousands with AI intros ("Hi Ben," "Hi Pablo," etc.)

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Sendspark supports AI-personalized introductions to greet each viewer by name.

So you just record one video, and can easily generate personalized videos for each of your prospects ("Hi Brandon," "Hi Ben," etc.)

This can help you personalize your email outreach at scale — and see up to 300% replies and conversions.

How to Make AI Personalized Videos for Email Outreach

1. Create a Dynamic Video Campaign

Go to the Dynamic Video section of Sendspark and select Create Dynamic Video

Give your campaign a name, and then click Start Creating!

2. Add Your Video

Select or paste the video you want to use for your AI personalized videos.

View our guidelines for how to get the best results with AI voice cloning. The most important points to remember are...

  • Start your video with the phrase "Hi Watermelon." The word "watermelon" will be replaced with your viewer's first name before you share the video.

  • Leave a brief pause before the word "Watermelon" and the rest of your video. This will make the video sound more seamless.

  • Use a high-quality microphone. The better your sound quality, the better your AI-generated videos will sound.

  • Along the same vein, reduce background noise, reverb, and echo. All of these could get picked up by the voice cloning AI and make your final product sound mechanical.

  • Audio quality is key!

3. Toggle on AI Voice Cloning

Toggle Voice Cloning on to let the system know you want to apply the AI personalized introduction:

It will take ~1 minute for us to generate the AI voice & video model for you. In that time, you are welcome to continue to the next step and start customizing your share page.

4. Customize Video Share Page

Feel free to customize the video share page for your viewers. The right-hand side section displays a preview of the share page of the video, and the left-hand side section is where you can edit the Header, Message, and Call-to-action.

Pro Tips for Customizing Your Share Page:

  • Use Merge Tags to further customize the viewing experience. By default, Sendspark supports personalization for your viewers' first name, company name, and job title.

    • You can change the "fallbacks" for each Merge Tag by clicking on it. This way, if you are missing a property for any contact, they will still have a good viewing experience.

  • Set your global styles to ensure that your viewer sees the video with your own logo and brand colors. You can find this option under Manage Workspace. The changes apply to all videos created in that specific workspace.

  • Use call-to-actions to get better results from your video prospecting. To have viewers book demos after watching your video, add a link to your Calendly page, or any other meeting scheduling tool.

5. Add Contacts

Import the contacts for whom you would like to generate AI personalized videos. You can either manually add them or upload a CSV file.

When uploading contacts, you need to provide:

  • First Name — To allow the Ai to make the intro (i.e. "Hi Bethany," "Hi Manny," etc.)

  • Email — to send videos in sales sequences and email campaigns. When sending the videos through Hubspot, Outreach, Instantly, etc., "email" is the unique identifier we use to determine which contact should receive which video.

  • Background URL — to set the background behind your camera bubble in your video. We recommend using your prospects' homepage or LinkedIn profile to further personalize the video. (Note, if you use their LinkedIn profile, you need to add a LinkedIn cookie to Sendspark before generating the videos).

(The Company & Job Title properties are only recommended if you are planning to use Merge Tags for them)

Pro Tip for Adding Contacts

Start with a small list first to make sure you are happy with the way you've set up your video and campaign. (We provide a sample CSV of contacts — You can use this to test before uploading your own list if you'd like).

6. Generate AI Videos

Once you've added your contacts, just click "Generate Videos" to start generating AI-personalized videos for each of your prospects.

7. Preview AI Videos

Once you've generated your videos, you'll be able to preview them in a list. You can click on each video to preview the AI voice and video and make sure it's up to par.

8. Share AI Videos

Sendspark provides 2 ways to share your AI videos with your prospects: You can either share videos individually with each contact, or you can embed them in a sales sequence or email campaign to share videos in bulk.

A) Share AI Videos Individually

To share a video with a contact one-on-one, simply click on the "..." next to that video. In the dropdown, you will see several share options:

This is what each of those list items means:

  • Copy Video Link — This will copy a link to your video share page to your clipboard. You can share this link with your contact via LinkedIn, WhatsApp/ text message, or anywhere else you'd like online.

  • Copy GIF + Video Link — This is the best way to share your video in email. In addition to copying the video link to your clipboard, it will also include an animated preview to make sure your video stands out and captures attention in email.

  • Edit Page — This will take you to the edit page for this specific video, where you have more options to edit and share the video.

  • Delete Video — This will delete the video and the contact from your list in Sendspark.

  • Download Video — This will download the video as an MP4 to your desktop

  • Viewer Analytics — This will let you see viewer analytics for this particular video.

B) Share AI Videos in Sales Sequences & Email Automation

To share videos in high volume, simply click on the "Share Campaign" button. From there, you can select the email platform you want to send your video in.

By clicking on the desired Sales Automation Platform, you'll be able to copy a "Code snippet" from it and paste it directly into your email template or campaign in your sending platform.

Make sure to look at the specific guide for sending dynamic videos in each our integrations to ensure that your video will render perfectly in email.

Pro Tip for Sharing Videos in Email Campaigns

It's important that you send your video emails to the same contact list who you've generated videos for.

An easy way to ensure this is the case is to click "Download CSV" from Sendspark, and use that contact list in your sending campaign.

To keep your campaign clean, the CSV file will only include successfully generated videos.

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