Send AI-Personalized Videos in LinkedIn Automation

In this article, we'll use Sendspark and Expandi to send dynamic videos in LinkedIn messages — all automatically!

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Want to send personalized videos in LinkedIn messages and InMails... But without recording videos individually for each viewer?

In this tutorial, we'll show how you can use Sendspark and Expandi together to generate AI-Personalized videos and send them automatically in your LinkedIn automation.

Watch the video here, or read the steps below!

How to Sendspark AI-Personalized Videos in LinkedIn Automation

1. Create "Dynamic Video Campaign" in Sendspark using the placeholder word "watermelon" where you want your viewer's first name to go

(Learn more about creating dynamic videos here)

2. Import your CSV of contacts for whom you'd like to create videos.

💡 Tip: Map the "LinkedIn Profile" field from your CSV to Sendspark's "Job Title" field to make it easier to export and import back into Expandi for sending later.

Map LinkedIn Profile Field

3. Click "Generate Videos" to generate all of the personalized videos in bulk.

4. Export the CSV from Sendspark (which will include a new column for "Video Links"). The video links are the links to unique, AI-personalized videos for your contacts.

AI Personalized Videos

5. Import the CSV into Expandi, using "Video Link" as a "Dynamic Placeholder."

6. When setting up your LinkedIn automation, use the "Video Link" dynamic placeholder for where you want to include your personalized video.

AI Personalized Videos in LinkedIn Automation

7. Turn on your workflow to start sending!

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