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Engage by ZoomInfo — Send Personalized Videos at Scale
Engage by ZoomInfo — Send Personalized Videos at Scale
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What is Engage?

Engage is a sales automation platform built by ZoomInfo. With Engage, you can create prospecting campaigns that include automated emails, calls, SMS messages, and social connection tasks to scale yourself and connect with new customers.

Why Send Personalized Videos at Scale in Engage?

Personalized videos can help you get up 16x higher engagement from prospecting emails. Sendspark's Engage Integration makes it easy to embed dynamic videos in Engage emails that automatically adapt to your prospect's name, company, and other personalized information.

How to Send Personalized Videos at Scale in Engage

Watch the video or follow the steps below:

1. Create your video in Sendspark

When you create your video message in Sendspark, you can use dynamic variables as placeholders for your viewer's first name, company name, and job title.

You can add dynamic variables to both the video share page and the video thumbnail (which is the video preview recipients see in the email).

Video Share page:

Share page

Video thumbnail:

Edit Thumbnail page

When you send your video in Engage, these variables will automatically populate with the correct viewer's information.

If the contact information is unknown, Sendspark will display fallback variables.

2. Copy the Outreach share snippet

Click the Share Video purple button

Under "Share with Personalization," click on Engage.

Share Personalized Videos in Engage

This will copy the Engage video snippet to your clipboard.

(Note, if you don't see Engage on the share modal, you can follow these steps to modify your shortcuts)

3. Paste into an Engage template

Now, you can go over to Engage and create a new template.

Paste your Engage video snippet right into your template.

That's it! You can save your template and use it to send dynamically personalized videos.

4. Share your video email

Now, you can use your personalized video template from anywhere in Engage, including:

  • Email sequences

  • Direct emails to prospects and customers

When you select your video template, the personalization tokens for your viewers will populate, so you can send one video to many people, and still deliver a personalized experience.

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