The Sendspark for Hubspot integration allows you to measure the impact video is having on your business.

This integration will allow you to send Sendspark page visits to Hubspot to track engagement with contacts and visualize video engagement data in dashboards.


  • An active Sendspark account (the Sendspark for Hubspot integration is available on every plan)

  • An active Hubspot account

Integrate Sendspark with Hubspot

  1. Next to Hubspot, click Connect

  2. Enter your Hub id

  3. Save changes

  4. You should see that Hubspot is enabled now πŸŽ‰

Where to find your Hub id

  1. Log into Hubspot

  2. Go to Settings (the gear icon) > Tracking and Analytics > Tracking Code

  3. Click the toggle for WordPress installation

  4. That's your Hub ID!

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