Sendspark makes it easy to support customers in Intercom faster with video messages.

With Sendspark, you can...

  • Record videos of yourself or your screen

  • Preview (and re-record) your video

  • Insert your video into your Intercom support chats

  • Receive real-time notifications when customers watch your video

Before you get started:

Please install the Sendspark Chrome Extension to use the Intercom integration.

As long as you have the Chrome Extension installed, you’ll automatically be able to access Sendspark from Intercom.

How to use Sendspark in Intercom

1. Click the Sendspark Icon in Intercom

Create a new conversation or open an existing conversation in Intercom. You’ll see the Sendspark logo appear in the compose window next to the native Intercom options.

2. Record a New Video

Click Record New Video.

This will launch the Sendspark Chrome Extension, so you can record a video of yourself or your screen.

Alternatively, you can choose from the list of options:

  • Request Video — inserts a video request link to easily get a video recording or testimonial from your customer

  • Meet Now — inserts a Zoom or Google Meet link to connect face-to-face

  • Send Calendar — inserts a Calendly or scheduling link to coordinate a time to connect

  • Add Last Recording — inserts the last Sendspark video you recorded

  • Video Library — opens your Sendspark dashboard to find or manage existing videos

3. Complete Recording

To end your video, click the Sendspark Chrome Extension icon on the top right of your browser.

This will complete your video recording, and launch a modal for you to preview your video before sharing.

4. (Optional) Edit Video Page in Sendspark

You can customize your video before sharing it by clicking Edit Page / Thumbnail.

This will open your video in a new window, where you can edit the video landing page or video thumbnail.

Note: When you edit the page, you’ll leave Intercom and go to Sendspark. Now, instead of inserting your video, you'll need to copy and paste your video share link into Intercom

5. Insert Your Video in Intercom

Click Insert Video to place your video in your email draft.

Happy Recording!

That’s it! Shoot us a (video) message if you need help or have questions!

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