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Why Isn't My Camera Working?
Why Isn't My Camera Working?

Are you having issues recording? Follow these steps to fix any common errors!

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Before you go too far, make sure that you're using a supported browser. Right now, Sendspark works best on Google Chrome with our Sendspark extension.

Although you are also able to use our platform through Microsoft's Edge and Firefox, you won't take full advantage of everything we have to offer through Chrome's extension.

1. Give Sendspark Permissions on Google Chrome...

Set Chrome Permissions to Allow Recording

2. Make sure Chrome has permission to access your camera

If using Mac:

  • Go to System Preferences → Security & Privacy → Camera, and make sure Google Chrome is checked

Set Mac System Preferences to Allow Recording

If using Windows:

  • Go to Settings → search for "Camera Privacy Settings" → and confirm that "Allow desktop apps to access your camera" is toggled ON.

Camera settings in Windows

3. Make sure your camera is working

  • Check if the video feed is working on other apps on your computer (i.e. Zoom, Google Meet, FaceTime). If not, you may need to restart your computer. 

4. Restart your computer

  • Still now working? Shoot us a message and we will try to help!

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