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HubSpot Integration — Automatically Send Dynamic Videos in HubSpot Workflows
HubSpot Integration — Automatically Send Dynamic Videos in HubSpot Workflows
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The Sendspark + HubSpot App Integration makes it easy to automatically send AI-personalized videos in HubSpot emails.

How to Automatically Send AI-Personalized in HubSpot Workflows

1. Create Your Dynamic Video in Sendspark

Go to the dynamic videos tab in Sendspark.

Click on "Create Dynamic Video," and follow the steps to create a dynamic video campaign.

Here's you'll be able to take one video and use placeholders (i.e. "contact first name") that will get updated when you import your contact information.

2. Set Up Your Workflow in HubSpot

The goal of the workflow is automatically send dynamic video emails in HubSpot as soon as contacts are added to the Sendspark Dynamic Video Campaign.

Create Hubspot Workflow

There are 2 important pieces of this workflow:

A) The Trigger: Dynamic Video Generated

The trigger indicates when someone should be enrolled in this workflow. In this case, you should use a "Filter Criteria" trigger: Sendspark Dynamic Video Generated for Contact

This basically means: when a contact has a video from that campaign generated for them, enroll them in this HubSpot Workflow!

I. Click to "Set Up Triggers"

Add Hubspot Workflow Trigger

II. Use the option “When filter criteria is met”

Send Hubspot Workflow Criteria

III. Use Sendspark → Dynamic Video Generated for Contact properties

Use Sendspark as Hubspot Workflow Trigger

IV. Select “Dynamic Campaign Id”

Use the Dynamic Video Campaign ID of the campaign you just created. (You can find the Dynamic Video Campaign ID in the URL of your dynamic video campaign between the slashes after “edit-v2”)

Add Sendspark Dynamic Video Campaign ID

V. Paste that value in HubSpot

Paste Sendspark Dynamic Video Campaign ID into Hubspot

Boom! You have your trigger set up.

Now, let's create the dynamic video email that you want to send when the contact matches the trigger.

B. Create Email in HubSpot

I. Create a new marketing email.

II. Add an HTML module.

You will need to click “more” and then “HTML - Email”

Add Hubspot Email Module to Hubspot

III. Add Sendspark Share Snippet to HubSpot email.

From Sendspark, click “Share Campaign” and then “HubSpot Marketing Hub”

Preview Sendspark Video in Hubspot Email

IV. Paste that right into the HTML code block in HubSpot

It will look like a broken image – that’s okay!

You can preview that email with one of the contacts from your dynamic video campaigns to make sure videos are rendering correctly

V. Publish your email so you can use it in automation.

3. Publish HubSpot Workflow

Go back to your workflow, add your email as a step.

Finalize Hubspot Workflow

Now, you can Review and Publish your workflow.

Make sure to use the option "Yes, enroll existing contacts who meet the trigger as of now" to include all of the contacts that you've already generated videos for in Sendspark.

Enroll Contacts to Dynamic Video Workflow

Now, whenever you add a new contact to that campaign, they will automatically get the video email sent to them!

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