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Sendspark makes it easy to send AI-personalized videos in Amplemarket.

So you can create just one placeholder video in Sendspark, and when you send it in Amplemarket, every recipient will receive a video with their own name and website in it.

How to Send AI-Personalized Videos in Amplemarket

1. Create Dynamic Video Campaign in Sendspark

Go to the dynamic video section of Sendspark.

Click "Create Dynamic Video" to create a new campaign.

Add Video to Dynamic Campaign

From here, you can add a video, and select options to...

  • Use AI to clone your voice, so you can automatically greet each viewer by name

  • Simulate scrolling through different website pages

  • and more!

You can also customize video landing pages, so prospects will see more than just the video, and be able to book meetings or take actions immediately after watching.

Edit Dynamic Video

Learn more about creating dynamic videos here.

2. Import Contacts

You can create dynamic videos for contacts in a few ways:

  1. Manually type contact data

  2. Import a CSV

  3. Generate videos via automation (Zapier, API, etc)

Import Contacts for DV

Once dynamic videos have been created, you'll see them populate, and can play them to test out the AI and make sure everything looks great.

Preview Dynamic Video

3. Share in Amplemarket

To share videos in Amplemarket, simply click "Share Campaign"

Then, select "Amplemarket"

Share Videos in Amplemarket

Now, you can take that snippet and paste it in an email in Amplemarket.

4. Track Views & Engagement

Once people start to watch your video, you'll be able to see who's watching, what percentage they've watched, and what other they've taken in your video analytics.

See Dynamic Video Engagement Data

Just click "See Engagement" at the bottom of your Dynamic Video Builder to view the analytics modal.

Launch Video Analytics Modal

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