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Mailshake — Send Personalized Videos at Scale
Mailshake — Send Personalized Videos at Scale
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Automatically personalized videos in Mailshake with your viewer's first name, company name, and job title.

How to Bulk Personalized Videos in Mailshake

Watch the video or follow the steps below!

  1. Record or upload your video in Sendspark here

    Record or upload video in Sendspark
  2. Customize the video header, message, and thumbnail. Feel free to use placeholders to automatically pull in contact information from Mailshake when you send your video!

    Personalize video
  3. Click "Share Video"

  4. Select Mailshake (if you don't see Mailshake, follow these steps to modify your share modal).

    Share video in Mailshake
  5. Paste into a Mailshake email draft

    Send personalized video in Mailshake
  6. Preview and send!

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