Is your video uploading slowly after recording with the Sendspark chrome extension? Follow these steps to solve common issues.

First: Save your video!

Before you follow any of the steps below, you might want to save your video to you computer so you don't lose it.

If you're using the Sendspark Chrome Extension, you can save your video by clicking the "download" button on the left of the preview modal.

Download Video to Desktop

After saving it to your computer, you can upload your video to Sendspark to share it in email or other channels.

Improve Video Upload Speed

After you record a video using Sendspark, it should upload to Sendspark in just a few seconds. If it feels like your video is taking a long time to upload, you might want to try the following steps:

  1. Check your internet upload speed. Use Fast to check your internet speed. If your internet speed is slow, then it's normal for your video to upload slowly. There's nothing you can do except sit back and wait patiently.

  2. Restart Chrome. Sometimes Chrome gets a little overloaded β€” especially if you have a lot of tabs open, and haven't restarted your browser recently. Quit Chrome and open it again to freshen up the system

  3. Restart your computer. If restarting Chrome didn't help, try rebooting your entire system.

  4. Remove and re-add the Sendspark Chrome Extension. If you're still having trouble, try removing and re-adding the Sendspark chrome extension.

Sendspark Chrome Extension

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