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Why is there no audio on my video?
Why is there no audio on my video?

Here are possible reasons why your mic isn't getting picked up by Sendspark

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Possible Reasons Why Your Mic Was Not Recorded

1. You had the wrong mic selected

To fix this:

  • When recording from the Web App or Chrome Extension, change your microphone by clicking on settings and deploying the second drop-down menu to display all your available options.

    Recording Toolbar

  • For a more permanent fix, change your default microphone settings in your Chrome Preferences. You can also copy the following path and paste it into your Chrome's address bar and hit Enter: chrome://settings/content/microphone

Chrome settings

2. You accidentally left your microphone "off" from your last video

To fix this:

  • When recording from the Chrome Extension, it's possible to toggle your microphone to "off." Make sure to turn it back on when you're ready to record with sound again!


    Microphone toggle in recording toolbar

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