Possible Reasons Why Your Mic Was Not Recorded

1. You had the wrong mic selected

To fix this:

  • When recording from the Web App, change your microphone in settings here

    Microphone Settings

  • From the Chrome Extension, change your microphone in settings on the bottom right

    Change Mic Settings

  • For a more permanent fix, change your default microphone settings in your Chrome Preferences here: chrome://settings/content/microphone

2. You accidentally left your microphone "off" from your last video

To fix this:

  • When recording from the Chrome Extension, it's possible to toggle your microphone to "off." Make sure to turn it back on when you're ready to record with sound again!

    Record with Sound On

3. You are trying to record internal audio (i.e. a Zoom or YouTube video from your computer)

Sendspark does not support internal audio.

Make sure that the sound you are recording is audible out loud, and not only coming from your computer into your headset.

4. Your volume is too low on your computer to hear the sound

You probably checked this already β€” but just in case β€” turn your volume up!

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