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Hubspot Marketing Cloud — How to Embed Videos in Emails as Images
Hubspot Marketing Cloud — How to Embed Videos in Emails as Images

Send videos in Hubspot emails as images with a link to your video on an external landing page.

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There are 2 ways to send videos in email:

  1. With the actual video embedded in the email.

  2. With a preview image of the video + a link to your video.

Sendspark supports both. You can choose which way you to want to use. The main tradeoff to consider is actual engagement vs ability to track engagement. When you link to the video, you add a little friction, but can gather more data on clicks and plays.

In a world where if you didn't track it, it didn't happen, it's a tough choice. I'd recommend testing both opens with an objective goal (like signups, meetings, other conversions), and seeing which way helps you achieve your true objective better.

In this article, we will cover how to send a video in hubspot as an image + link to a video landing page. The benefits of sending videos as images are...

  • Better insight - you can track how viewers are engaging video videos

  • Consistency - recipients will have the same experience no matter which email client they use, as the preview images will look the same on Gmail, Outlook, etc.

  • Conversions - you can add a call-to-action on your video landing page to funnel viewers into taking the next step in the customer journey immediately after watching your video.

If you prefer to have the video play in-line, see how to embed a video in Hubspot emails here.

How to send a video through Hubspot as an image

1. Record, request, or upload your video in Sendspark.

Make a video to send in an email

2. Click "share"

Share video email

3. Download your video thumbnail

Download video preview image

4. Make a new email on Hubspot

Make a video email in hubspot

5. Upload the video thumbnail to Hubspot in an image block

Upload video to Hubspot email

6. Copy the video URL from Sendspark & link it to the video thumbnail in Hubspot

7. That's it! You're all set to send your video email

Let us know if you have any questions about sending video emails in Hubspot. We're happy to help!

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