Sendspark has a neat integration to allow you to embed videos directly in Hubspot emails. When you send a video this way in Hubspot, the video will play directly in the inbox for your viewers, as long as it's supported by that email client.

If the video is not supported by the email client, your viewer will see a fallback image, and be able to click the video to view the video on a landing page. So either way, they have a great experience.

See an up-to-date list of which email providers support embedded videos in email.

Okay, let's get to it!

How to embed your video in a Hubspot email 📹

1. Record, request, or upload a video to Sendspark

Make a video email for Hubspot

2. Click "share"

Share video email

3. Copy "email embed code"

Copy email embed code for Hubspot

4. Go over to Hubspot, and make your email

Make video email in Hubspot

5. Add an HTML block to your Hubspot email draft

Add HTML block to hubspot email draft

6. Paste your email embed code into your Hubspot email draft

Note: you will see an error about using style tags. That's perfectly okay! Those style tags are important for Sendspark to determine when to show the embedded video and when to show the fallback image + link.

Now send your video email 💌

That's it! Good luck, and let us know how your engagement is with your new video emails!

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