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Sendspark makes it easy to send personalized videos at scale in Salesloft cadences.

In this tutorial, we'll walk through how you can create one video, and personalize it with every contacts' name and website with AI.

How to Send AI-Personalized Videos in Salesloft

  • Record one video in Sendspark. Make sure to say "watermelon" where you want your viewer's first name to go, like this:

  • Toggle on "Voice Cloning"

Record AI Video
  • Customize your dynamic video page in Sendspark

Customize AI Video Share Page
  • Import your contacts, and generate personalized videos

Import Contacts for AI Video
  • Click "Share Campaign"

Share AI Personalized Video
  • Select "Salesloft"

Select Salesloft
  • Paste directly in your email template in Salesloft

    • Note, if you want to preview how this will look for real contacts, you can use the Salesloft default contact "George" whose email is ""

Share AI Video in Salesloft
  • Send!

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