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Send a Dynamic Video Campaign

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In this tutorial, we'll show you how to send dynamic videos in Pipedrive using the Sendspark + Pipedrive integration.

Sendspark's Dynamic Video feature lets you take one video of yourself, and instantly put that video over any background, so it looks like you're recording over any website or URL.

How to Share Dynamic Videos in Pipedrive:

1. To ensure the filtering of any processing errors, export the CSV file from your Dynamic Video Campaign:

Download CSV file

2. On Pipedrive, click on IMPORT DATA to start uploading it to your contacts section:

Import modal

3. Select the UPLOAD SPREADSHEET option, and upload the recent exported file form Sendspark. DO NOT IMPORT THE ORIGINAL FILE used to create the Dynamic Video.

Upload Spreadsheet

4. This is how your mapping should look like:


Note that Background URL doesn't require a tag. Job Title does not have a merging tag to connect to in PipeDrive, and Company can be connected with the NAME tag (be sure to select the NAME tag from the ORGANIZATION COLUMN)

Tag selection

5. Create an email campaign:

New campaign

6. Go back to your Dynamic Video Campaign and click on SHARE CAMPAIGN to open the Integration Options:

Share campaign

7. Find Pipedrive and click on its button to automatically copy the snippet code to your clipboard:

Snippet Code

8. Head to Pipedrive and access the Email Editor. Once there, grab the HTML block and drop it in the email body:

HTML block

9. Click on the text of the block dropped and erase the text under CONTENT PROPERTIES on the right-hand side:

Edit the Code

10. Paste the code he recently copied in that section and the thumbnail will show up:

Paste the Snippet code

11. Click on "Save and close" and now make sure you selected the correct Contact List:

Check recipients

12. And that's all! You are now ready to start your campaign

Send Campaign

Happy recordings!

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