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See how to share AI-personalized videos in ZoomInfo Engage email sequences

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Sendspark makes it easy to send AI-personalized videos in ZoomInfo Engage email sequences.

You can record one video in Sendspark, and then use AI to generate personalized videos for each prospect.

And then, with one simple shortcut, you can send videos in ZoomInfo Engage email sequences.

How to Send AI-Personalized Videos in ZoomInfo Engage

1. Create Your Dynamic Video Campaign

Go to the dynamic video section of Sendspark and click "Create Dynamic Video" to create a new campaign.

The first step is to add your video.

If you are using AI voice cloning, you need to record your video with the starter phrase "Hi Watermelon." (Then, we will replace "Watermelon" with your viewer's name).

Here's an example of a video that would work well:

After adding your video, you have some options:

Add Video to Dynamic Campaign
  • Simulate Scrolling: Makes it look like you are recording over your viewer's website, and scrolling through the page

  • Cursor Overlay: Adds a cursor, to make the website scroll look more convincing

  • Voice Cloning: Ensures that we replace the word "watermelon" with your viewer's first name

You can also customize the video landing pages to make sure that viewers take the next step in your sales process after watching:

Edit Dynamic Video

2. Import Contacts

You can create dynamic videos for contacts in a few ways:

  1. Manually type contact data

  2. Import a CSV

  3. Generate videos via automation (Zapier, API, etc)

Import Contacts for DV

Once dynamic videos have been created, you'll see them populate, and can play them to test out the AI and make sure everything looks great.

Preview Dynamic Video

3. Share in ZoomInfo Engage

To share videos in ZoomInfo Engage, simply click "Share Campaign"

Then, select "Engage"

Now, you can take that snippet and paste it in an email template in ZoomInfo Engage.

When you first paste the video into your email template, you will see a generic video preview.

However, if you preview this video as a contact who was on your Sendspark list, then you should see the video that has been generated for them.

We don't have a ZoomInfo account we can use to demo, but this is how it would look in Apollo, where we have a similar integration:

Preview Sendspark Dynamic Video in Apollo

Now, you should be able to turn on your sequence and ensure that every person who was part of your Sendspark list receives an email with the video made for them.

Note: if you want to be absolutely positive that you are only sending video emails to people whom you've made videos for, you can export the Dynamic Video Contact List as a CSV in Sendspark.

Download CSV from Sendspark

4. Track Views & Engagement

Once people start to watch your video, you'll be able to see who's watching, what percentage they've watched, and what other they've taken in your video analytics.

Just click "See Engagement" at the bottom of your Dynamic Video Builder to view the analytics modal.

See Dynamic Video Engagement Data

That's all! Let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

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