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Send AI personalized videos in QuickMail email campaigns

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Want to see up to 3x engagement from QuickMail campaigns? Try sending AI personalized videos to stand out and boost engagement.

How to Send AI Personalized Videos in QuickMail

Sendspark makes it easy to send AI-personalized videos in QuickMail. Simply follow these steps.

  1. Create your dynamic video campaign in Sendspark

  2. After adding contacts and generating videos, click "Share Campaign"

  3. Select the option for QuickMail

    Share AI Videos in QuickMail

  4. Paste directly in a QuickMail email campaign. You should see the Sendspark placeholder now.

    Paste Into QuickMail
  5. You can preview this campaign for your contacts to make sure they will be receiving the dynamic videos

    Preview AI Videos in QuickMail

And that's it! When you're happy, just turn on the campaign :)

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