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HubSpot Integration — Automatically Create Dynamic Videos in HubSpot Workflows
HubSpot Integration — Automatically Create Dynamic Videos in HubSpot Workflows
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This article will show you how to automatically generate Sendspark dynamic videos through HubSpot workflow actions.

This will let you generate AI-personalized videos when...

  • New contacts are added to HubSpot

  • Leads fill out forms

  • Prospects schedule Sales Meetings

  • Contacts take any action tracked in HubSpot

The Sendspark + HubSpot App makes it easy to generate AI personalized videos from HubSpot automation.

Watch the video, or read the steps below to see how it works!

How to Make AI-Personalized Videos from HubSpot Workflows

Sendspark lets you easily generate AI-personalized videos using HubSpot Workflow Actions.

Create Videos through HubSpot Actions

1. First, create your workflow in HubSpot

You can set any triggers to indicate that contacts should enter the workflow.

In this example, we're using a "Form Submission" as a trigger, because it's very easy to test.

This means that whenever someone fills out the HubSpot form we indicated, they will be enrolled in the workflow.

2. Add Workflow Action: Create a Dynamic Video

Then, we'll add an action, "Create Dynamic Video" to generate the video.

You should see this when you go to add a step at the very bottom left, under "Connected Apps."

Sendspark is a HubSpot Connected App

Click on "Sendspark" and then "Create a Dynamic Video."

(If you don't see this, it might be because you have not connected the HubSpot App yet. You can connect the HubSpot App in your Sendspark Integration settings).

Dynamic Video Fields

Now, you'll be prompted to fill out some information. It looks like a lot, but we'll go through it here so you understand everything. 😊

  • Your Sendspark Workspace ID: This is your workspace ID. You can easily copy it from your Sendspark API credentials page.

    Sendspark Workspace ID

  • Dynamic Campaign ID: This is the campaign for the specific Dynamic Video Campaign you want to generate videos for. You can copy it from the URL of your dynamic video campaign builder, between the slashes.

  • Contact Name: This is the contact first name that you want to send from HubSpot to Sendspark for the AI video cloning. It will almost always be "First Name"

  • Contact Email: This is the email address for your contact that you will send to Sendspark. It will almost always be "Email"

  • Contact Company Name: This is the contact company name that you will send to Sendspark. It will almost always be "Company Name"

  • Contact Job Title: This is the contact job title that you want to send to Sendspark. It will almost always be "Job Title"

  • Contact Website URL: This is the website URL that you want to use in your dynamic videos, to make it look like you are recording over this page. It will often be "Website URL," but you could use other public URLs if you'd like.

  • Your Sendspark API Key: This is your workspace API key. You can copy it from you Sendspark API credentials page. If you don't see it, you might have to click "Create New Key" to generate an API key.

    Sendspark API Key

  • Your Sendspark API Secret: This is your personal secret key. (All of your team members have different secret keys). You will have to generate a new secret key every time you create a new campaign, copy it to your clipboard immediately.

    Sendspark API Secret

Note: at the top of this form, you'll also see a checkbox "I authorize to buy additional DVMs if required."

You can check this to enable pay-as-you-go pricing. Otherwise, your automations will stop working once you hit your dynamic video minutes, and start again the following month.

3. Turn on Workflow

Once you turn this on, you'll start generating dynamic videos once your Workflow enrollment trigger is met!

You can stop here, or continue with the next section to automatically send a HubSpot email once a dynamic video has been generated for a contact.

How to Automatically Send Dynamic Video Emails in HubSpot

Here, we'll cover how to automatically send an email once a Dynamic Video has been generated for a contact in HubSpot.

Automatically Send Sendspark Dynamic Videos in HubSpot

1. Create a New Workflow

Go into HubSpot and select Automation → Workflow. Create a new Workflow (from scratch). Make sure you are using a Contact-based Blank Workflow.

Create HubSpot Workflow from Scratch

2. Set Enrollment Trigger

Click "Set up triggers" and then the second option, "When filter criteria is met."

Set HubSpot Workflow enrollment trigger

For your filter, use the Sendspark app, and select the property "Dynamic Video Generated for Contact."

Use Sendspark as an Enrollment Trigger

Note, if you don't see Sendspark here, you might need to install the Sendspark HubSpot App.

3. Add Your Dynamic Video Campaign ID

This means that whenever a dynamic video has been generated for a contact from this specific campaign, they'll be enrolled in this workflow

Add Dynamic Video Campaign ID

You can find this dynamic video campaign ID by looking at the URL on your Dynamic Video Campaign builder. It is between the 2 slashes at the end of the URL:

Sendspark Dynamic Video Campaign ID

4. Add an action, "Send Email"

Now, you'll select the email you want to send after dynamic videos have been generated for specific contacts in your HubSpot Workflow..

Send Video Email via HubSpot Workflow

5. In this email, use your HubSpot Marketing Hub video share snippet

You can find this at the bottom of your dynamic video campaign builder:

  • Scroll to the bottom

  • Click "Share Campaign"

  • Select "HubSpot Marketing Hub" to copy the share snippet to your clip board

    Send Video Emails in HubSpot
  • In your HubSpot email, add an HTML block where you want your video to go

  • Paste in your snippet

Paste Sendspark Video Snippet in HubSpot Email

Now, whenever contacts are sent this email, they will get the dynamic video that's been generated for them.

6. Turn on the workflow!

That's it! Now when your contacts dynamic videos have generated, they will automatically receive a personalized video email made just for them.

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