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How to set up Sendspark for PipeDrive
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The Sendspark for PipeDrive integration allows you to easily measure the impact video is having on your business.

This integration will allow you to send Sendspark page visits to PipeDrive to track engagement with contacts and visualize video engagement data in dashboards.

1) Access your PipeDrive website

2) Head to "Leads" on the left hand side corner:

PipeDrive home page

3) If you are new to PipeDrive, click on "Start a free trial", otherwise access Web Visitors.

4) You should now be able to see the following page. Simply COPY the last section you see between brackets and marked in red, and nothing else.

In this example: DzLR5a5WNoY7BoQ2

Tracker ID page

5) Go back to Sendspark integrations section:
6) Paste it in the PipeDrive ID:

Integrations page

7) You are all set!

Here's the video version to the tutorial:

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