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Follow these steps to send your Dynamic Video Campaign:

Step By Step Tutorial Version

1) Start by creating a new Campaign:

2) Choose whether you want to use a Template or start from Scratch:

3) Add an email Step:

4) Go to your Dynamic Video Campaign and search for Snov.iO and click on the email option to copy the Snippet Code:

5) Click on the Email Step and paste the Snippet Code straight into the email with CMD+V or CTRL+V to display the Thumbnail. Remember to SAVE the email afterwards:

6) Continue to the following step "Prospects":

7) Go back to Sendspark and export the clean CSV file:

8) Open the CSV file, and duplicate the EMAIL column, but rename the copy with "email2". The new header needs to be exactly that. If your sheet automatically turns the first letter into a capital letter, no need to worry. It will work anyway. Be sure to save it again maintaining the CSV format.

9) Create a new list of prospects to use, and then click on the name entered to access the list:

10) Click on the option UPLOAD, and continue with the process:

11) After the contacts have been imported, expand the header of the duplicated email's column and click on ADD CUSTOM FIELD

12) Rename it as "email2" with no capital letter regardless of how your sheet software saved it before. Also, select Text on the right option:

13) This is how each column should look like. Note that the last 2 columns are DISABLED. You can now click on START THE IMPORT:

14) Back to Prospects, be sure to select the List we just created with the number of prospects now included:

15) Jump to Sending Options:

16) Choose your account, and then move to review to confirm that everything is set the way you want.

17) Once you have selected all your deliverability options, head to the left-hand side panel and access All Campaigns.

18) And now head to the three dots on the right to launch the campaign:


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