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In this tutorial, we'll show you how to send dynamic videos in Convertkit using the Sendspark + Convertkit integration.

Sendspark's Dynamic Video feature lets you take one video of yourself, and instantly put that video over any background, so it looks like you're recording over any website or URL. Use this to supercharge your sales outreach, product demos, onboarding, customer success, and more!

How to Create a Dynamic Video Campaign for the first time:

How to Send Dynamic Videos in Convertkit:

1. Create your email campaign in Convertkit

2. Upload your contacts to your Convertkit account.

ConvertKit add subscribers

To make sure that you're using the same contacts you've generated Sendspark dynamic videos for, you can click the "Download CSV" button in Sendspark.

Download CSV modal

3. Click on Share Campaign, look for Convertkit, and click on it to copy the code.

Share Dynamic video modal

4. Create an email Template and paste the code as plain text "CMD or CTRL + V"

ConvertKit email template

5. Save the Template and go to Send --> Broadcasts --> and select the Template you just created.

ConvertKit Select Template

6. Click on "preview" and Send a Test Email to see the final result

ConvertKit Preview email

7. Notice that Convertkit will display the video as a broken link because of how Dynamic Videos work. But no worries, the system just doesn't understand how to display the preview. Sending the test email will confirm that it works once it is in the recipient's inbox.

ConvertKit link warning message

8. And that's all to it!

ConvertKit Final Result

Note: it's important that you send the video in Convertkit to the same list of contacts you generated videos for in Sendspark. To be extra safe, you can click "download CSV" in Sendspark to get a list of contacts who we've generated videos for. Start your free

Sendspark trial here:

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