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The Sendspark + Outreach Integration makes it easy to send dynamic videos in Outreach emails and sequences.

With dynamic videos, you can save yourself hours of recording. Instead of recording over each prospect's website individually, just create one video, and automatically add it over any URL.

This video shows you how to send dynamic videos in Outreach:

How to Share Dynamic Videos in Outreach

1. Click on the "Outreach" option on the left to copy the Sendspark share snippet to your clipboard

 Outreach Dynamic Videos modal

2. Create a template in Outreach, and paste your Sendspark share snippet directly into the template

 Outreach Template

3. You'll note that when you paste, you only see the default version of your video (the video of yourself). This is because no contacts have been selected yet.

 Outreach email template

4. When you use this template in emails or workflows, the contacts will see the dynamic video you've generated for them.

 Outreach Dynamic Videos preview

5. Note: it's important that you send the video in Outreach to the same list of contacts you generated videos for in Sendspark. To be extra safe, you can click "download CSV" in Sendspark to get a list of contacts whom you've generated videos.

Download CSV modal

And that's all!

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