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Smartlead — Send Dynamic Videos

Sendspark makes it easy to share dynamic videos in Smartlead

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What is a Dynamic Video?

Dynamic videos are videos that are automatically personalized for each of your recipients.

With 1 single recording, you can make it look like you're recording multiple videos, the feature automatically adds each of your prospects' websites to the background

This tutorial will cover how to share dynamic videos in Smartlead.

If you are not familiar with dynamic videos, please start with this tutorial: How to make dynamic videos)

Come back here when you are ready to share your dynamic video in Smartlead!

How to Share Dynamic Videos in Smartlead

  1. Create your dynamic video in Sendspark (👉 full tutorial on how to make dynamic videos)

  2. Click "Share Campaign" and search for "Smartlead" — you'll notice there are two snippets that show up here.

    Search for Smartlead

  3. Go into Smartlead, and create your email campaign

  4. Upload your contacts CSV to Smartlead. Make sure you are using the same contacts that you've added to to your Sendspark dynamic video campaign. If you'd like to be extra certain, you can click "Download CSV" in Sendspark to get the list of contacts you've generated videos for, and then upload this file into Smartlead.

    Download CSV

  5. In Smartlead, create the email that you want to send your video out in. Add any content that you would like!

  6. Go back to Sendspark, and click on the first Smartlead snippet: Smartlead: (Image URL)

    Add Thumbnail for Smartlead

  7. Go back into Smartlead, and paste the snippet you've copied from Sendspark directly into the URL field in your email. You'll now see the preview for your video!

    Paste Video into Smartlead

    Note: because no contact has been selected yet, you'll just see the "fallback version" of your dynamic video: the camera-only video of yourself. Once you start previewing contacts, this thumbnail will update to be the personalized video for each contact.

  8. Go back to Sendspark, and click on the other snippet: Smartlead: (Video URL)

    Copy Video URL from Sendspark

  9. Return to your Smartlead email, and highlight the image. Now, add a hyperlink to the image, and paste the video URL.

    Link your video thumbnail to your dynamic video

    Note: You are essentially making your video thumbnail "clickable." So, when viewers get the video email, they will see an image personalized for them, and then click on a link personalized for them to watch the full personalized video in their web browser.

  10. That's all you need to do to embed a dynamic video in a Smartlead campaign. All of the viewers you enroll will see the dynamic video that you generated for them in Sendspark when you created the video. You can preview your email for different contacts to be sure :)

    test dynamic videos in Smartlead

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