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Instantly — Send Dynamic Videos
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Sendspark makes it easy to send AI personalized videos in Instantly emails.

So you just paste one "dynamic video snippet" in Instantly, and all of the leads on your list will receive personalized videos make for them.

How to send AI-personalized videos in Instantly

  1. First, you'll want to generate the AI-personalized videos in Sendspark for each of your contacts. More on that here.

  2. Then, click "Share Campaign"

  3. Search for "Instantly," and click on the "Instantly" button. This will copy a dynamic video snippet to your clipboard.

  4. Go to to your Sequence in Instantly, and click into the email in which you'd like to send a video.

  5. Switch to "Code View" and paste your Sendspark dynamic video snippet when you want the video to appear in your email.

  6. Switch back to the regular view, and you should see your placeholder snippet. It pastes a little large by default -- feel free to resize it as you'd like.

  7. Click on "Preview" to see how this video will look for prospects. You can change the email address to see how this will render for each of the leads on your contact list.

If it doesn't look right, check...

  1. Did you generate the video for the email address that you're previewing in Sendspark? (If you haven't made a video for them in advance, there won't be anything to see here!)

  2. Are you using the same lead list in Instantly that you used in Sendspark?

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