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General Overview: How to Share Sendspark Videos
General Overview: How to Share Sendspark Videos

Where can I share Sendspark videos?

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Sendspark offers several ways to share videos.

How do you want to share your video?

Paste Videos In Emails

Note: Use static thumbnails for Outlook, please.

Thumbnail Type

Use for:

  • 1x1 email platforms: Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, Superhuman, etc.

  • Sales automation platforms: SalesLoft, Outreach, Hubspot Sales, etc.

Sendspark makes it easy to copy and paste videos right into your email draft. After recording your video, just select Copy Animated Thumbnail or Copy Static Thumbnail, and paste it right into your email.

Copy Animated Thumbnail will paste a GIF preview of your video + a link to your video in the body of your email. Your recipients will see this eye catching GIF, and be able to click to watch the full video in their browser.

Paste Videos in Gmail

Copy Static Thumbnail will paste a static image + a link to your video in your email. We recommend using the still thumbnail when sending videos to email clients that do not support GIFs (like some versions of Outlook).

Embed Videos in Email

Embed option in Share modal

Use for:

  • Marketing email platforms: Mailchimp, Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, etc.

To embed the video so it plays in-email, you must use an email marketing platform that lets you edit the HTML of your email.

Sendspark gives you the email embed code, and then you can just paste it directly into the email HTML to embed your email.

Embed Videos in Email

Please note: even if you embed your video with HTML, your recipient must be using an email client that supports video to watch their videos in email. If their email client does not support video, they will see the GIF preview instead, and be able to click to watch the full video in their browser.

Share Video Link

Use for

  • Messaging platforms: LinkedIn InMail, Slack, WhatsApp, Messenger

Share modal preview

When sending a video in any messaging platform that's NOT email, you can just send the link to your video. In most cases, the link will automatically unfurl to show a preview.

Send Videos on LinkedIn

Social Media

Use for:

  • Posting: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Generally, when you post to a social media platform, you want to post the actual .MP4 video file to optimize the newsfeed algorithm.

Download tab in Share modal

In Sendspark, just download the video (MP4) and upload it for your social media post.

Website Embed

Embed tab in Share modal

Use for:

  • Webpages: websites, blog posts, landing pages, etc.

Sendspark provides website embed code if you want to embed your video on the web. Just copy the code here, and paste it into any HTML editor. There are no limits to the number of embeds you can do.

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