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How can I embed videos in Mailerlite emails?

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Why Send Videos in MailerLite?

Video emails cut through the clutter to engage your audience. A/B have shown that videos with emails drive 2-3x higher click-through-rates. Whether you're sending sales outreach, marketing newsletters, or product updates, you're likely to see much higher much engagement and conversions with video emails.

Sendspark makes it easy to create videos and embed them in your existing MailerLite emails — just follow the steps below!

Will Videos in MailerLite Play In-Email?

The short answer is sometimes! Videos will play in email if your recipient's email client supports video. Not all email clients support video though. You can see and up-to-date list of email clients that support video here.

If your recipient's email client does not support video, no worries! They will see an animated GIF preview of your video, and be able to watch the full video in their browser. Still an awesome user experience!

How to Send Videos in MailerLite

Watch the video, or follow the steps below!

  1. Record your video in Sendspark

  2. Click Share Video

    Share Video in MailerLite

  3. Click Embed, and then copy the Email Embed Code to your clipboard

    Copy Email Embed Code for MailerLite

  4. Go to your email draft in MailerLite

  5. From a text box, click on the HTML icon

    Add HTML Snippet in MailerLite

  6. Paste your video

    Embed Video in MailerLite

  7. Click Save

That's it! You're all set to send your video email and "de-Lite" your recipients!

Questions about sending videos in MailerLite?

Let us know if you have questions about sending videos in MailerLite emails and we're happy to answer them!

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