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How can I embed videos in Giveffect emails?

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Why Send Videos In Giveffect Emails

Video is the best way to connect with your community from home. Video emails get 2-3x the increase in engagement as text + images emails — and it's easy to see why! Whether you're sharing videos of yourself, board members, or beneficiaries, videos go above and beyond to deliver a human touch and connect authentically.

Will Embedded Videos Play In-Email for Recipients?

Embedded videos play in-email for recipients who are using email clients that support video. (See an up-to-date list of email clients that support video).

If your recipient's email client does not support video, instead of the embedded video, they will see an animated GIF preview of your video, and be able to watch the full video in their browser. Still a great user experience!

How To Send Videos in Giveffect

  1. Create your video in Sendspark

  2. Click Share Video

    Share Video Email in Giveffect

  3. Click Embed, and then copy the embed code to your clipboard

    Copy Video Embed Code

  4. Open your email draft in Giveffect

  5. From the text editor, click to edit the source code

    View Source Code in Giveffect

  6. Paste your email embed code into the source code editor

    Paste Video Email Embed Code in Giveffect

  7. Click Ok

  8. Preview and send your video email!

Send Video Email in Giveffect

Questions about sending videos in Giveffect?

Let us know and we're happy to help!

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