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Thank you for upgrading to Sendspark Business! Now let's get you started with premium features.

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Thank you for upgrading to Sendspark Business! To get started, you can read this article or watch the video below.

1. Reference the Admin Dashboard

Use your Admin Dashboard to gain insight into team usage and best performing videos.

Team Overview page

Here, you will see:

  • Total videos created, video plays, video likes, and call-to-action clicks for all time

  • Total videos created by team member

  • Top 10 best performing videos

2. Turn Off Sendspark Badges (White-label Videos)

From your workspace settings, you can toggle off Sendspark badges to white-label Sendspark.

Use whitelabel

Not only will this remove the "video message by Sendspark" and "Request videos with Sendspark" badges, but it will also hide all references to Sendspark to Sendspark on your video share and request pages. This helps you deliver a beautiful, polished experience to your customers.

3. Setup a Custom Domain

Use your own domain with Sendspark, so your viewers can enjoy a 100% branded experience.

Setup Video Subdomain

You can also set this up in your workspace settings. (View a more detailed article on setting up CNAME here).

4. Create Templates

Want to create a template for sales outreach, welcome videos, or other customer communication? Customize the templates that your team members see in you team's templates library.

Templates page
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