Thank you for upgrading to Sendspark Pro! To get started, you can read this article or watch the video below.

1. Set Global Styles

Use your own logo and brand colors to make videos look polished and professional.

Go to your workspace settings, and the click Set Global Styles.

Here, you can upload your logo, and change all of the color fields.

Save changes to see your new styles appear for all videos in your workspace.

2. Use Video Calls-to-Action

Toggle on the Call-to-Action feature to convert viewers after they watch your video. Here, you can can add a calendar link, phone number, text number, or URL link.

3. Download Videos

Download your videos as .MP4 files to edit or share them anywhere. Just launch the share modal, and then click Video (.MP4).

4. Unlimited Videos

Nothing can stop you now -- certainly not a 30 video limit! Record unlimited videos, and invite team members to record even more πŸ™Œ

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