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Install the Sendspark Chrome Extension and Desktop app

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We recommend installing both Sendspark's Chrome Extension and Desktop Application for the best experience.

Sendspark Chrome Extension

With the Sendspark Chrome Extension, you'll be able to...

  • Launch Sendspark from anywhere on the web (Chrome, Brave, and Firefox)

  • Record yourself, your screen, and both together over any browser window.

  • Apply templates with a video title, message, and call-to-action

  • Combine videos, so you can merge a custom intro with a pre-recorded video for speed.

  • Use Instant Integrations in Gmail, LinkedIn, Hubspot, Outreach, Zendesk, and Intercom and more.

Sendspark Mac App

Note: We only have a Mac app right now. Windows is coming soon!

With the Sendspark Desktop App, you'll be able to...

  • Launch Sendspark from your desktop

  • Record yourself, your screen, and both together β€” over any application, including PowerPoint and PDFs that are not accessible via our Chrome Extension

  • Use the full power of your computer for video processing, so it is less likely you will experience audio/sync issues.

Why Install Both the Chrome Extension and Desktop App?

In general, the Chrome Extension is faster to use, as it has more shortcuts in Chrome applications (Gmail, LinkedIn, etc.).

However, if you need to record yourself over non-Chrome applications, like PowerPoint, or you want to higher quality videos you'll want to use the desktop application.

You might as well install both!

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