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Easily grab your meeting links on Intercom

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Why Set Default Meeting Links?

Sendspark lets you save default meeting links, so you can quickly access them from Intercom, Hubspot, and LinkedIn

How to Set Default Meeting Links

Go to your Account Settings.

Here, you can add a Video Meeting Link and a Calendar Link.

Add Default Meeting Links in Sendspark
  • For the Video Meeting Link use your personal link for your preferred video conferencing software (Zoom, Google Meet, Undock, Whereby, etc). You'll use this to ask customers to meet now.

  • For the Calendar Link, use a link where a customer can schedule a meeting on your calendar (Hubspot, Calendly, Undock, Calendar Hero, SavvyCal, etc).

When to Use Your Meeting Links

After you've saved your meeting links, you'll be able to access them from Intercom chat to send to customers. (We plan to build more integrations soon -- let us know what you'd like to see next!)

Clicking Send Calendar will insert your calendar link into your draft window in Intercom, Hubspot, and LinkedIn.

Calendar Default Link

Clicking Meet Now will insert your video meeting link into your draft window in Intercom, Hubspot, and LinkedIn.

Meet Now Default Link

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