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Request Videos For Customer Support In Intercom
Request Videos For Customer Support In Intercom

Request screen recordings from customers right in Intercom and other support channels.

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Sick of seeing tickets like…

“It’s broken”

“That doesn’t work”

And other un-actionable inquiries?

Sendspark Request Video makes it ridiculously easy to get short videos from customers, so you can quickly diagnose issues and provide support -- saving hundreds of hours per week of unnecessary back-and-forth chat and support calls.

How Request Video Works for Customer Support

With Sendspark Request Video, you can generate a “video request link.” This is a public recording link that your customers can use to record videos, without ever signing up for Sendspark directly or installing anything. You can send this link to your customer in any of your usual support channels. Then, they can click the link to record their video (face, screen, or upload).

After your customer records a video, the video will automatically upload to your Sendspark account, and you will receive a notification that it’s ready for you to review. From here, you’ll be able to watch, download, or share the video internally.

🤔 Want to see how it will look for your customers? Click here to record a video for our support team.

(You're also welcome to schedule time with our sales team to learn more about features and functionality).

Setup Guide - Start Requesting Videos for Customer Support

This guide will help you start requesting videos from customers in less than 10 minutes.

1. Create Sendspark Account (Free)

Sign up for Sendspark for free here. If you already have a Sendspark account, please log in to continue with this guide.

2. Set Brand Styles (Sendspark Pro 🔑 )

Sendspark Pro users have the option to customize Video Request pages with their own logo and brand styles to provide a more consistent experience for customers.

Whitelabel video request links

To set brand styles, go to Manage Workspace and then click “Set Global Styles.”

Here, you can upload your own logo, change the text colors, and change the call-to-action and play button colors.

You’ll be able to edit styles on the left of the screen, and see a preview for the new styles on the right of the screen. The preview is for the video share page, but the styles you set will show up on the video request page too.

When you’re done, click “Save Changes.”

Set Global Styles

3. Generate Request Video Link

Navigate to your Requested Videos library in Sendspark.

Click on the “Copy Request Link” button to both generate a video request link and copy it to your clipboard.

Copy Request Link

4. Share Request Video Link with Customers

Paste the request video link directly into your reply to a customer. This works well in email, Intercom or Zendesk chat messages, Slack, or anywhere else you might be chatting with customers.

Request Videos in emails

👉 Note: You do NOT need to request a new link each time you request a video. You may send one request video link to multiple customers.

5. Review Video

Once a customer records a video, you will be notified via email. You can now view this video directly in your Sendspark account.

Get notified about video request completions

👉 Note: All members of your workspace on Sendspark are able to view the videos in your Video Request tab.

6. Download or Share Video

If you’d like, you can download the video as an .MP4 file (Pro Only), or convert the video to a shareable video page (all users) to share via a public URL.

Download Video Request

7. Bonus - Request Videos from Intercom

Do you use Intercom for support? Well, you’re in luck… You can request videos right from Intercom chat with our Chrome Extension!

All you have to do is install the Sendspark Chrome Extension, and you’ll automatically see Sendspark in your Intercom chat window.

Request Videos from Intercom

Then, you can click on the Sendspark icon and select “Request Video.” This will insert a video request link into your draft for you to approve and send.

We hope this helps you support customers faster and provide a better customer experience.

Questions on Requesting Videos for Customer Support?

Our team is happy to help you get started! Ping us anytime you have a question via our Chatbot, or set up time to meet with our Customer Success team here.

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