Using our Chrome Extension is a great way to record videos anywhere, anytime!

Recording Options

There are three options to record with the Chrome Extension.

Face (Camera Only)

With this option you'll be able to record only your camera.

Screen (Screen Only)

With this option selected you'll be able to record only your screen.

Both (Cam + Screen)

With this option selected you'll be able to record your camera over your screen.

โš  Please note: The camera bubble is restricted to be just within the Chrome browser and will not appear over other applications.

With each recording option you can choose a recording type as well, to get your recordings just right!

Recording Types

You can change the recording type by clicking on the '...' button next to the record button with the recording option of your choice selected.

โš  Please note: Cam only - You can't change any of the options for Cam Only since we're only recording your camera!

Current Tab

This option will only record what is is below the address bar.

Application window

This option will record the whole application window of the application you've selected

Entire screen

This option will record your entire screen/desktop - folders, anything on screen, etc...

๐Ÿ‘‹ Happy recording!

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