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Learn how to flip / mirror your camera while recording with our Chrome Extension

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There are 2 ways to flip or mirror your camera when recording with Sendspark:

1. Use the "Flip Camera" shortcut on your camera bubble

From the Sendspark Chrome Extension, you can just click on "flip camera" button on your camera bubble preview. This is the fastest and easiest way to flip your camera bubble.

Just click on that shortcut, and you can mirror your video back & forth.

Mirror camera

2. Use "Camera Effects"

If you're recording your full webcam (not just the camera bubble) or using the Sendspark desktop application, you need to use Camera Effects to mirror your camera.

  1. Go into "Settings"

  2. Toggle "Camera Effects" to "on"

  3. The camera bubble should mirror automatically

  4. If you'd like to change the setting, click on the "mirror my camera" toggle to turn it on or off

Flip camera
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