Whether you're creating your own HTML website, or using a website builder like Wordpress, Wix, or Webflow, you can easily embed Sendspark videos into your web pages or blog posts.

How to Embed Sendspark Videos on Web Pages

1. Launch the Sendspark share modal

You can access your share options in two places:

  • From your video library, find the video you want to embed, click the "..." and then click "Share"

Sendspark Video Library
  • From the video page editor, click on the purple "Share Video" button

Share Video

2. Copy the Website Embed Code to your clipboard

  • Click into the "Embed video" section of the share modal

  • Under Website Embed, click "Copy Embed Code"

Copy Video Embed Code

3. Paste into the HTML of your website

  • If you are building a custom website, you can paste this code snippet right into your HTML.

  • If you are using a website builder (i.e. Wordpress, Webflow, Hubspot, Shopify, etc.) then you might need to create an HTML section first. Then, you can paste your video in there.

    • This will look differently on different website builders, but here is a screenshot of how it looks in Hubspot:

Insert Video Embed Code into Webpage

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