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Embed videos in Klaviyo so they play for viewers right in their inbox.

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With Sendspark, you can easily embed videos in Klaviyo so they play for viewers right in their email, as long as their email client supports videos.

What happens if video is not supported in an email client?

Sendspark provides a great fallback option for when the video is not able to play in email. In email clients such as Gmail and Outlook, where video tags are not supported, your viewers will see a preview image of the video, and be able to click to watch it in their browser.

By following the steps below, you can easily embed videos in Klaviyo emails, and feel comfortable that your recipients will have great viewing experiences across all email clients and devices.

How to embed videos in Klaviyo with Sendspark:

1. Make a new email template in Klaviyo

2. Add a text block to your email

3. Click to edit the Source

4. Make your video in Sendspark. Either record, upload, or request a video in the platform to send out.

5. Click Share Video, then under Embed Video, Copy Code

6. Paste your code into the Source section in Klaviyo and click save

7. You're all ready to send your video email in Klaviyo!

Have any questions about sending video emails in Klaviyo?

Please shoot us an email at support@sendspark.com or message us through the chat in our application. We're happy to help!

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