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Constant Contact — Send Video Emails
Constant Contact — Send Video Emails

Easily embed videos in your Constant Contact email campaigns

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🤔 Can you embed videos in Constant Contact?

Yes, however, it's not as straightforward as you would think.

In Constant Contact, they provide "video blocks." When you use these video blocks to add YouTube or Vimeo videos to your emails, these videos are not actually embedded. Constant Contact is simply pulling an image preview of the video, and then linking it to the video on YouTube or Vimeo.

If you want your video to actually play within the email, you will need to follow the steps below.

🤔 Will embedded videos ALWAYS play in email?

No, embedded videos will only play in email clients where they are supported. In all other cases, Sendspark will use a fallback image with a link to the video landing page. (Similarly to how Constant Contact uses YouTube images and links).

This way, your recipient will always have the best possible viewing experience. Either they will get to watch the video in their email, or they will get to way the video on a custom video landing page.

Ready to embed videos in Constant Contact emails? Here are the steps to follow...

How to embed videos in Constant Contact:

1. Create a new email in Constant Contact

Create new Constant Contact Email

2. When selecting a template, choose "Custom code"

Select Custom Code as a template

3. Create a new video in Sendspark by either recording a video, uploading a video, requesting a video from someone else.

Create a new video email

4. Click "Share" and then copy the "Copy Code" under Embed Video.

copy video email embed code

5. Paste this code snippet in your Constant Contact email

paste video email embed code into Constant Contact

6. Send a test video to yourself to make sure you like the way your video is embedded in the email.

Test your video email from Constant Contact

7. If all looks good, you're ready to send the video email out to your community

Have any questions about embedding videos into Constant Contact emails?

Please don't hesitate to reach out! We are here to help.

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