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Intercom — Send Video Emails

Embed videos in Intercom emails so that viewers can watch videos in-line, right from their inbox

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Before we get started, let's address a few common questions:

🤔 Can you embed videos in Intercom emails?

Yes, you can embed videos in Intercom emails.

However, embedding videos in email is NOT the same as embedding videos on the web. With email, you have to take into account that not every email client (looking at you, Gmail 👀) supports playing video online, so you have to supply fallback scenarios.

When you embed videos in emails with Sendspark, we automatically supply the fallback scenario, so when a video is not supported, your viewer will see a video preview, and be able to click to watch the video on the web.

💌 When should you embed videos in Intercom emails?

Videos are great for humanizing the customer experience. There are a few touch points where videos can add a ton of value, both for increasing email engagement, and for building personal relationships with your customers.

  • Welcome new users

  • Announce new features

  • Onboard users with short "How to" videos

Okay, let's get get to it! Here's how to embed videos in Intercom Emails.

How to embed videos in Intercom emails:

1. Make your video in Sendspark, by either recording a video, uploading a video, or requesting a video from someone else. Note, if you want to record your screen, you'll have to use the Sendspark Chrome Extension.

Record a video for Intercom

2. Click "Share" and then "Copy Email Embed Code"

Copy email embed code for Intercom

3. Go over to your Intercom Email Editor, and switch to "Edit HTML"

4. Paste your video email embed code there

Paste embed embed code in intercom

5. Send a test to yourself to make sure you're happy with your video email.

Send video email preview to yourself in intercom

6. It should should something like this!

Video email from Intercom

Have any questions about embed videos in Intercom emails?

Chat with us, we are happy to help!

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