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How to Customize Your Request Video Pages
How to Customize Your Request Video Pages

When you’re requesting video testimonials from customers, make sure to add your own branding for the best experience.

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Right now, there are a few ways you can customize your Request Video page in Sendspark.

Note, you must be on Sendspark Starter or Solo to use most of the branding options here.

1. Add Your Name & Avatar

Update your name and avatar in your account settings. This will show up on the video request page, so your customer will know who is asking for the video, and where it will send when they’re done recording.

My account screen

2. Set Your Global Styles

Navigate to your workspace settings, and then select Set Global Styles.

Set Global Style button

Here, you can add your company logo and brand colors. These will show up on your video request pages for a polished, branded experience.

Set Global Styles modal

3. Use a Custom Domain

Use your custom domain to 100% white-label your video request page. Instead of using a Sendspark URL (i.e. you'll be able to use a custom branded url (like

Start Sharing!

To generate the Request Video link, click the Copy Request Link button from your Requested Videos library.

Copy request link button

Make sure you're happy with your Video Request page before you start sharing. Depending on your brand, it might look something like this:

Video request recording options

You can edit the styles at any time if you want to make changes -- even after you've sent out the link.

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