How to Send Videos in Gmail

  1. After recording your video, click Share Video

    Share video in Gmail

  2. Click Linked GIF to copy the video share snippet to your clipboard

    Copy video to clipboard

  3. Paste in your Gmail draft, and send!

    Paste video into Gmail

Frequently Asked Questions About Sending Videos in Gmail

Can you embed videos in Gmail so they play in-email?

Embedding videos in email depends on both:

  1. The email platform you are sending from

  2. The email platform recipients are receiving emails on

To embed videos so they play in-line in email, both the sending platform and receiving platform need to support embedded video.

Unfortunately, Gmail is one of the few email clients that does not support embedded video. This means that when you send a video in Gmail, you cannot embed it directly in email.

But have no fear! It is still possible to send beautiful video emails in Gmail.

What's the best way to send videos in Gmail?

Instead of embedding videos so they play in-email, you can send videos with a GIF preview. The animated GIF preview stand out in email and capture attention. Then, when viewers click, they can watch the whole video in their browser.

An additional benefit of sending videos this way is that you can also get more detailed viewer analytics that would not be possible if your video was contained in the email client.

What if I really want to embed my video so it plays in-email?

Sendspark does support embedding videos so they play in-email — as long as neither you (the sender) or your recipients are using Gmail.

  1. You can send your video through any of these email automation platforms (anywhere where you can insert something into the HTML of your email)

  2. As long as your recipients are viewing the video on a platform that supports video they'll be able to watch the video in their email

  3. If they are using Gmail or another platform that does not support video, then they'll just see the animated GIF and be able to open the video in their browsers (still a great user experience!)

More Questions about Sending Videos in Gmail?

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