Right now, there are a few ways you can customize your Request Video page in Sendspark.

1. Add Your Name & Avatar

Update your name and avatar in your account settings. This will show up on the video request page, so your customer will know who is asking for the video, and where it will send when they’re done recording.

Add Name and Logo to Request Video Page

Add your company logo in your workspace settings. This will show up on the video request page to add a professional splash. For the best look, use a logo with a dark background.

Add Logo to Request Video Page

💡Pro tip - if you don't have your company logo stored anywhere handy, try downloading it straight from your company’s LinkedIn page. The same logo that looks good there should look good here!

3. Preview & Share

Before you share your video request page with customers, preview it on your own computer and make sure you’re happy with the look!

To generate the request video link, double click the “Request Video” button from your Sendspark dashboard.

Find Video Request Link

In the end, you request video page should look some like this!

Preview Video Request Page

More Customization Coming Soon!

We hope you’re happy with your customized Request Video page. We’re also actively working on more ways to customize the page now. If you have any ideas, please share them with us!

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